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TechrrsLimited is a hub of passionate professionals who are dynamic in their mission and work in a call to action.


Rahil Irshad Thankar The President Of TechRSS.com 

LinkedIn : RaheelThankar



   Saqlain Sameer Subedar The Ceo Of TechRSS.com 



  Rizwan Mushtaque Sayyed Director Of TechRSS.com 

Our Aim

We endeavor to comprehend the difficulties that the business is confronting today and utilize our solid business aptitudes to discover exceptional and uncommon answers for them.

Our main goal is to bring acceptable quality natural in creative innovations planned by our specialized specialists. Our essence in the business for longer than 10 years and an arrangement of extraordinary clients separates us.

We have faith in customization that addresses the issues of your business. With the essential objective of serving the planet, we streamline the utilization of coordinated innovation with human potential.

Our specialists and counselors control arrangements that guarantee a drawn out serious edge around a cunning approach plan. Our center competency is the plan and advancement of electronic arrangements and applications. We have a demonstrated reputation to meet brutal courses of events and we intend to accomplish quality work at a lightning pace over spending plan.

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